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A membership in the Care Credit Program allows you to have substantial savings of your dental needs...

Example of Your Possible SavingsTypical & Customary FeesYour Cost
With Program
Exam$50No Charge
X-rays$115No Charge
Preventive Cleaning(adult first visit)$90$55
Filling (1 surface)$140$95
Extraction (uncomplicated)$125$105

Your Savings - $520

In this case, membership would save you approximately 36% on your dental care, and depending on the type of dental care you need, you may save even more.

Care Credit Membership Advantages

When you receive your care at a Care Credit office you have the ability to receive your dental care at special member rates. With the Care Credit program, you will be sure to know what your fees are going to be. This is neither insurance, nor an HMO. It is an alliance of dentists wanting you to benefit from a special program for dental services.

This plan is a membership benefit program which shall be secondary to any other individual or group coverage or benefits that members may have. In the event of primary coverage by one or more indemnity insurance programs, the insurance company(s) will be billed our Usual and Customary Fees and the Care Credit fees shall be the higher of the Care Credit fee listed, or the amount reimbursed by a third party insurer.

This program is owned and operated by a community of dentists who want you to be able to afford the dental care you need.

This program is specially designed to help people get the dental care they need from qualified dentists interested in providing your dental health needs at an affordable price.

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