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Now you can change an everyday smile into a luminous one without altering your natural teeth. Lumineers cover uneven, stained or chipped teeth with beautiful translucent veneers as thin as a contact lens.

If your teeth aren’t as attractive as you’d like because there are discolored, uneven or have gaps, these sleek porcelain veneers will transform your smile. Lumineers are highly translucent, look and feel entirely natural, and are resistant to staining.

Because they’re so thin, there’s no need to remove your natural enamel before fixing them in place. What’s more, your beautiful, even smile will stay bright longer as Lumineers are made of the strongest, most durable porcelain available.

Getting Lumineers is painless and easy, and it takes only two visits to your dentist. On your initial visit, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and you’ll select the best shade for your new Lumineers. Your Lumineers will be precision crafted based on a mold made of your impressions. On the second visit, your dentist will prepare the surface of your teeth and slip your new Lumineers into place so they can be permanently bonded to your teeth.

Braces or crowns may be options if your teeth require more straightening or restorative work.
To make your Lumineers even more affordable, we offer a variety of flexible payment options and we accept most dental insurance. We even offer a special dental discount program for patients without insurance.

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